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Snowman Trek

Duration :

30 Days

Description :

The Bhutan Snowman Trek which is also known as the legendary trek is only for the experienced mountaineers/ trekkers and is considered as the one of the most difficult trek in the world. Essentially the route combines the Chomolhari Basecamp and Laya Lingshi Treks, passing through the Lunana region and ends at Nikachu. This Trek passes through breath-taking landscapes, crosses over 8 passes and reaches an altitude of about 5,600 meters (18,480 ft.).

The given itinerary is a sample, intended to give you a  general idea of the likely trip schedule. Numerous factors such as weather, road conditions, the physical ability of the participants etc may dictate itenirary changes either before departure or while on the trail. we reserve the right to change this schedule in the interest of the trip participant's safety, comfort and general well being.

Recommendations: The trek is very strenous and demands top physical form. A physical fitness check-up is a must. Even the experienced trekker should prepare for 2 to 3 months prior to the trek.
Days   Activity
1   Aarrive Paro from Bangkok, Kathmandu or Delhi (By Druk Air).
2   Paro.
3   Paro.
4   Paro-Shana (Start of Snowman Trek).
5   Shana- Thangthanka.
6   Thangthanka- Jangothang.
7   Jangothang (Halt).
8   Jangothang- Lingshi.
9   Lingshi- Chebisa.
10   Chebisa- Shomuthang.
11   Shomuthang- Robluthang.
12   Robluthang- Lemithang.
13   Lemithang- Laya.
14   Laya (Halt).
15   Laya- Rodophu.
16   Rodophu- Narithang.
17   Narithang- Tarina.
18   Tarina- Woche.
19   Woche- Lhedi.
20   Lhedi- Thanza.
21   Thanza (Halt).
22   Thanza- Tshochena.
23   Tshochena- Jichu Dramo.
24   Jichu Dramo- Chukarpo.
25   Chukarpo- Tampetso.
26   Tampetso- Maorothang.
27   Maorothang- Nikachu (End of Snowman Trek).
28   Nikachu- Thimpu.
29   Thimpu.
30   Thimpu- Paro- Airport for Departure.

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Deus $ amount, the deposit representing one third of the total I (we) will settle (ons) the balance when we arrived in Kathmandu.

  • Check that your passport be valid 6 months after your return date from Nepal.

  • Check that you have a health and accident insurance covering any costs in Nepal.

  • For trekking, please read the generalities in 3.3.

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